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Blog Posts in 2016

  • What Is an "Easement?"

    An easement is a legally binding agreement which allows an individual or company access to another person’s property for a specific use. These agreements are common in situations such as when two homes share the use of a driveway or when a utility pipeline runs through a home’s backyard. In both cases, even though the land may be owned by a single person, another may have limited access to part of ...
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  • Business Strategy: How to Setup a Business or Partnership

    Your business strategy is essentially everything when it comes to first setting up a business or forming a new business partnership. To say that the finest of details are crucial can be an understatement, and not knowing what is coming around the next couple corners can be folly. If you want to be successful, or at least not disastrous, you have to start thinking about strategy, objectives, and ...
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  • An Overview of Commercial and Residential Boundary Disputes

    As the great poet Robert Frost once wrote, good fences make good neighbors. In real estate law, this statement holds great relevance in regards to avoiding disputes related to property boundaries. Most of the time, commercial and residential property owners have a good understanding of where their property begins and ends and extend the same courtesy to their neighbors. Unfortunately, this ...
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  • Land Purchasing: How to Invest in the Right Land

    Purchasing and investing in land can seem like a pretty solid business strategy, no pun intended. After all, unless there is a plate-shifting earthquake, it isn’t going anywhere any time soon and people are always going to need it. But turning a profit isn’t as simple as making a land-grab and waiting for someone else to come along and want to use it. You need to have an eye for good land with a ...
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  • A Guide to Investing in Land

    With the price of real estate soaring, purchasing land may seem like a second-best option for the potential investor. In reality, investing in land is actually an excellent opportunity in the current economic climate, with trends showing that the average price of farmland is increasing at a far greater rate than that of property. Before you make the decision to invest, however, it is important you ...
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  • Commercial Tenancy and Business Disputes with Landlords

    As a business owner, choosing the right commercial property and negotiating the terms of a lease can directly influence your bottom line. From the items which are included in your rent, to the freedom you are given to customize your space, it is vital to understand the exact terms set out in a lease agreement. Once a contract has been signed, disputes which arise can be difficult to resolve. In ...
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  • Know Your Rights in an Eminent Domain Case

    Did you know that a government or public agency can forcibly seize your property to be used for a public purpose under the powers of “ eminent domain ?” In the event that your home or property should sit in the path of a public project such as the construction of a highway, utility building, or pipeline, the state may force you to sell your property to it in exchange for “reasonable compensation.” ...
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  • Why Choose Schern Richardson Finter Decker, PLC?

    If you are searching for legal representation regarding a real estate transaction or dispute, choosing the best attorney for your situation can feel overwhelming. At Schern Richardson Finter Decker our team works to simplify this process by providing straightforward, effective, and personalized legal advocacy. We know that our clients are the most important part of our practice and that is why ...
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